Thursday, July 21, 2011

Words fail me

Have I lost my rhyme?
In the learning to be alone,
Do I still hear the cadence?
Do I still feel the words?
In their absence, do I ramble?
And say nothing?

The sweet poetry has become a stranger.
I once felt it as a comforting quilt.
Making sense, it flowed from my soul.
Images became words and words became dreams.
I took them for granted, perhaps.
And one day, as the sun set, they left me.


Monte Stevens said...

Awesome poem and image! :-)

I've not read any of your work from the past but it seems to me you still feel the words and yes probably not as sweet as in the past. It seems to me images have their own words to express when we express ourselves in those images. And, there is always a sunrise after a sunset.

Monte Stevens said...

Oh, and your words and images are sunrises for some of us. I hope you continue to listen to your muse and do the work.