Friday, July 22, 2011

Reading my mind or Minding my reading

I realized an odd fact this evening: Since I have had my Kindle (about three years), I have only purchased one non-fiction book (thirty have been fiction). When I was buying "real" books, my ratio was probably closer to one in four being non-fiction.

Why the change, I wonder? When I used to frequent Barnes & Noble all the time, I went straight for the new releases display and browsed the selections. Occasionally, I would have a title in mind... something recommended by someone. But usually, I chose a new book based on seeing it, holding it, reading the synopsis on the back (or inside) cover.

Now, when I am ready for a new book, I browse or go with a reference from a friend or (in tonight's case) I see an interview with the author and decide to take a look ("Send a Sample" in Kindle-ese). And when I browse Amazon, I usually filter out the non-fiction, though I have no reason why.

Apparently, our tastes and preferences change - imperceptably, it seems.

Note: This is a photo of my book list on my phone, not of my Kindle.

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Monte Stevens said...

That's interesting. I would also assume a change in preferences and shopping modes. I find the consumer in me when they recommend books and when they tell me people also purchased these books. It always leads me to another author or book. :-)