Monday, September 24, 2018


"Ag, it's life, isn't it, Faye? We have to learn to adjust very quickly. 
We hold on to those thoughts, and we find ourselves unable to let go of 
the undeniable fact; that everything has changed ... and we have to 
change with it; make new memories."

A friend sent these words to me in 2013. I can't remember what I said that prompted this reply but they meant enough at the time that I saved them in a file.

And now, I am mourning his passing and his words from the past are comforting. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Out of Practice

I've always kept my camera next to my desk, within easy reach. But since putting my house on the market and needing to a) keep things tidy and b) keep valuables out of sight, the notion to take a photo has been completely out of my thought process. Cleaning out closets and bookshelves has been my primary focus lately and likely for the foreseeable future. Oh the 'stuff' we collect. I must have a three foot tall stack of art and watercolor magazines alone. The never-ending search for inspiration eventually comes home to roost - in the recycle bin.