Friday, October 27, 2023


 My sister's husband passed away earlier this month and then she found herself in the hospital with her own issues. She's home now and we had a long chat yesterday. We were talking about old times and I mentioned a photo of the two of us as teens. What I remembered about this particular photo was that as we were getting ready for school, we had a big argument over... a comb. We've argued a lot over the years but we seem to accept each others differences better today.

After our chat, I went looking for this photo and nearly 20 hours later - I finally found it. It's so exasperating when you can't find something that you know IT.IS.IN.THIS.APARTMENT.SOMEWHERE.


Saturday, October 21, 2023

One Leaf

Found on my doorstep, what could I do?


Tuesday, October 17, 2023

This and that

Busy morning - updating laptop, a little watercolor, a couple of pics, figuring out why the Nik photoshop filter won't work (it works with tiff files but not jpg, bah!)  

Friday, October 13, 2023


I decided, on this Friday the 13th, to retrieve two bins of photo albums from storage. Being heavy, they were on the bottom of a stack of stuff. I think I may have pulled something trying to lift them. Cause of death: Memories. Funny.


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Be like a cat

"When a cat falls out of a tree, it lets go of itself. The cat becomes completely relaxed, and lands lightly on the ground. But if a cat were about to fall out of a tree and suddenly made up its mind that it didn't want to fall, it would become tense and rigid, and would be just a bag of broken bones upon landing.

In the same way, it is the philosophy of the Tao that we are all falling off a tree, at every moment of our lives. As a matter of fact, the moment we were born we were kicked off a precipice and we are falling, and there is nothing that can stop it. So instead of living in a state of chronic tension, and clinging to all sorts of things that are actually falling with us because the whole world is impermanent, be like a cat. Don't resist it."

~ Alan Watts 

PS The whole damn world has lost its mind. 

Monday, October 09, 2023


Thanks to the plethora of videos on Instagram, I have decided that the title of my memoir will be 'Watch til the end'. I have no intention of writing a memoir but what a great title.

I thought about Ted Turner this morning (thought sequence: Atlanta Braves->TBS->Ted Turner). I was working for Scientific Atlanta (Mfr of satellite antennas) when Ted founded CNN. Honestly, my initial reaction was 'who is going to watch the news for 24 hours'. The man was a visionary, I am not. I googled him and unfortunately he is battling a form of dementia. Such a shame. 

Sofia, 2004 

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Royal Clipper

On this day in 2001, we arrived in Monaco to board the Royal Clipper and cruise the Mediterranean. Less than a month after 9/11, everything was still pretty tense. The captain, in his pre-departure meeting, advised that as we toured various ports, we should not call attention to ourselves as Americans. All of the passengers were from the states. The trip was wonderful and there were no negative incidents. A fighter jet from the Italian air force buzzed the ship one day as we sailed in the Med and there was a strong military presence in the airports but otherwise our trip was uneventful and fabulous.   

Wednesday, October 04, 2023


Change is in the air, at least for nursery-grown trees. Still, it feels/looks fallish. 

A creative prompt for today is 'a bad habit'. There are so many... where to begin? We all have them. Fortunately, none of mine are illegal or life threatening. So we're good.