Tuesday, August 29, 2023


Summer is slowly fading. The heat has been relentless. 

I was surprised to see (via Facebook memories) that one year ago today I was in the hospital with chest pains. We never did figure out the cause. A cardiac MRI showed that my heart and lungs are normal. Myself, I think it was stress. I was in the middle of moving for the third time in three years. Moving, no matter how much help you get, is stressful. There's been no recurrence, something I am grateful for.

Thursday, August 17, 2023


There was a word in my morning crossword that I haven't seen or heard in quite a while - motto. Seems as though I used to hear "our/my motto is..." quite often. I don't think I've ever said "this is my motto" so I'll say it now. My motto is "tomorrow is another day". It's similar to "this too shall pass". Always a reminder that whatever storm is raging at the moment, the "sun will come out tomorrow". There's another one!


Photo from 2020


Sunday, August 13, 2023


I am fortunate enough to have visited Maui several times, most recently in 2009 (2009 feels 'recent' in my memory).

Visiting Hawaii was on my bucket list, a list created as I went through the hell that was chemotherapy and radiation therapy in 1987. We booked a trip in 1989, when my hair had grown out enough that I no longer needed to wear a wig. We flew to Oahu and boarded a ship that would take us to each of the four main islands. We made this same voyage two more times over the years before deciding Maui was our favorite island and booking a vacation there. I didn't visit again until 2009, after my husband's passing in 2008.

The point I wanted to make is how gorgeous Maui is and what they are going through now breaks my heart. 

Saturday, August 12, 2023

What is true today?

The sun had just risen this morning when I asked myself this question. What is newly true today. I saw David's Instagram post later and it rang true, so it's new to me.

"Making more art leads to better art." David Duchemin

And here's a pic for Monte - a squirrel feasting on mushrooms.

Friday, August 04, 2023


 Perhaps I put too much pressure on August, because we're off to a disappointing start. So today, August 4, I'm restarting the month. Facebook hack forgotten. Fedex snafu forgotten. It's a brand new month. Hallelujah!

Wednesday, August 02, 2023


What a morning! Woke to emails from Facebook that my password, email, etc had been changed. Since the emails came at 5am, I didn't/couldn't respond 'This wasn't me'. I think I finally have control of my account now but who knows. Very aggravating. Bah!

I enjoyed painting this guy, reference photo from Pixabay. 


Tuesday, August 01, 2023


The crepe myrtle outside my window is in full bloom and tiny pink petals are everywhere; even decorating my doormat.

August has arrived. The temperature might be backing off slightly from the 90s of July.  Fingers crossed.

A fellow photographer lost her husband yesterday.  I feel much sympathy for her as I understand how difficult it will be in the coming months and years. 

Painting has stalled, lack of subject matter is my problem at the moment. The heat seems to have zapped my enthusiasm.  But I believe I found an inspiration this morning so we'll see if the paint meets the paper.