Friday, April 17, 2015


I really must make a point of posting my thoughts here on a regular basis. I am participating in an Instagram project #aprillove2015, and today's topic was a "life changing book". Well, that concept baffles me. So many things have influenced my life that to put it all down to one book... ? How could that be possible?

My initial thought was to just skip today, but I came here and searched my posts for "book". I found several references, but nothing that I had described as "life changing". The closest was this book, so I used it as my Instagram photo today. This is what I wrote:

"While there is no single book that has changed my life (in fact, the premise baffles me), this book was a compilation of photos made after my husband's passing. It helped me to get through the grieving process... as much as anything could at least."

I haven't opened the book today. I can't. Too much sadness in those memories. Sadness comes easily enough; I don't need to go searching for it.