Monday, May 31, 2010

where have I been?

It certainly was not my intention to completely drop out of sight when I stopped the Photo-a-Day project. I haven't any excuses. I attended the photography event in the Smokies and had a wonderful visit from two dear friends from South Africa, but beyond that - I've been lazy with the camera and the words. I shall attempt to make amends starting tomorrow/next month/June.

The SoFoBoMo project begins tomorrow... well, the "fuzzy" month begins tomorrow. The 35 photos need to be taken during a 31 day period, between June 1 and July 31. I may shift my start date - better decide soon, eh?

There is also NaBloPoMo and the June theme is NOW.... I can't decide if I should combine the two.

AND I have another project coming up... I will be on a road trip next week to Mississippi and Florida, celebrating my niece's birthday and I plan to take lots of pics and put them into a book ("Fifty is a four-letter word") for her.

I think that's enough on my photo-plate for the mo...

Thursday, May 06, 2010

first and last

I attended a three-day photography event in the Smoky Mountains last weekend. In the past, I had purposely avoided these events because 1) I don't like the idea of lining everyone up in the same spot and shooting the same thing and 2) I'm not a "group" person... I don't enjoy hanging around meeting rooms - even with fellow photographers.

So... although I love the photo above and also several others that I took over the weekend, I will not be signing up for another organized photo shoot. However, I will continue to travel to places that I want to see and take photographs on my own.