Sunday, September 14, 2014


The summer is winding down and I am pleased with this change. I first noticed that the sunlight was lower when I returned from a week away to the coast of North Carolina. Some leaves have been falling but I sense this has more to do with trees in distress than with the change of seasons. Of course, I also notice the sunrise occurring later each day; I delay the feeding of the feral cats until it is light outside and the time is getting closer to eight these mornings. The temps are only rumored to be lower this week... but I admit the summer heat has not been as brutal as past years.

I look forward to leaving the house windows open all day long.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Get-Away, Gotten

I've been waiting to post on my week in the Outer Banks until my feelings settled down and I could think past the obvious fun, food, and photos... but I think my feelings were stronger on the drive home and now the everyday chores and routine are causing them to fade into the background.

The strongest feeling I had during the drive home was a realization of why I dreaded returning home from prior vacations. Back then, I was heading back to feeling inadequate, incompetent and not good enough. I hate saying that and I'm not laying blame; I'm just saying that for most of my adult life I've tried to please and have not been terribly happy as a result.

So... I needed to get away and I succeeded. I feel refreshed and contented.