Monday, April 16, 2012


Two books I recently read were both about grieving. I didn't choose them because of this topic; one was recommended by a writer-friend and the other was by one of my favorite authors. In both stories, the wife died in an accident. It must be even more painful to lose someone unexpectedly. I wouldn't know - everyone I have lost died from an illness. Even my dad, who died of a heart attack, had had one about a year before, so we knew he was not a picture of health. 

In the first book, the widower grieved long and hard. In the second, the husband remarried within a couple of years. The first book, though listed as a novel, was based on true events and real people. I'm drawing no conclusions from either of these books, but I have come to understand and accept that 'moving on' does not necessarily mean finding a new spouse/partner... though I do believe that society in general feels this way.