Saturday, September 01, 2012

New Month

It seems like only yesterday I was saying goodbye to July. August was a blur and here we are again... making promises for September. It would feel more like the 'unofficial end of summer' if the temperatures would back off a bit. Ninety degrees today... I'm ready for some seventies.

I spent some time last evening going through boxes of old photos. I began with a quest to find pictures from a particular vacation in the mid-70s. No dates or notes on any of them  (another plus for digital). I found a few that I was sure were taken on that trip, but many, many more were too generic to deduce a when or where. Mountains? Could have been almost anywhere. I know one thing for sure, I had no business taking photos back then. I knew nothing about composition, light, focus! And I'm sure my camera was a basic point-and-shoot. Very embarrassing. 

I also think I've been getting sloppy with my shooting of late. Part of it I blame on Instagram. My phone camera takes lousy photos and yet I keep opening that program and taking a pic! I must stop... none of them are worthy of posting. So there's another goal for September!

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Monte Stevens said...

LOL!!!! Sounds like a good example of our growth as photographers. As you know, you are the photographer you are today because you took those images back then. I never did get into instagram and sounds like that was a good thing.