Thursday, September 06, 2012


Stacks of books to be taken to the donation box at the library. It's a revealing process to see what books you purchased throughout the years. I bought a lot of self-help books. Why do we always believe the media hype that we're lacking in some area? 

I no longer buy hard cover books and I never buy self-help books. I'm not perfect, but I've won the battles that I had to face. Maybe I'll write a book. ;-)

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Monte Stevens said...

I cleaned out a storage locker last year and was amazed at how many books I had been clinging on to but never reading. I donated 75 % of them. Some were also self-help books. Some helped and while others did not. I'm not perfect either, nor do I really want to be. I prefer to be just me and discover each day a bit more about me and what I'm able to add to life. I would like to see you write a book. And, what would it be?