Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 I woke Monday morning to sharp chest pains and they didn't go away. It was an intermittent pain but sharp and strong. What to do? I finally woke my niece and she called 911. The paramedics did the usual tests,  it didn't appear to be my heart. So I had my very first (and hopefully last) ride in an ambulance. At the hospital, more tests including chest x-rays. Bottom line, it wasn't my heart or lungs. When I left the hospital 5 hours later, I was still having pains every few minutes. The doctor has referred me to a cardiologist for further testing just in case. The pain ceased around 8pm last night. 

Back to regular programming.

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monstev said...

Oh no! Going to see a cardiologist is the wise thing to do. They can take a few tests to see more than just the ER. I can think of other rides that could me more fun, bicycle, horses, and more. We've outgrown all those flashy lights. Please keep us informed. Hope you get to feeling better.