Thursday, September 01, 2022

Goodbye August

 Life goes on. No more pain, thankfully. I signed the lease for my new apartment so the next several weeks will be a busy time, gradually moving everything out/in. I woke up at 2am making a mental list of what I need to take with me today. I'm not moving heavy stuff, that will be done by my son and grandson.

A few pictures from the end of August. (I was disappointed that my niece didn't take a photo of the ambulance as they took me away. lol)

Regal Beau

Pancake Bunny 

Shadows at La Poblanita

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monstev said...

It sounds like life is moving on. So, glad the pain is gone. Do you know what caused it all? Good luck on moving out/in. Hope you were able to go back to sleep after the early wakeup.