Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Wanted: More Parks

I miss the county parks in Georgia. I am in the 'search' phase here in NC. My favorite park was closed today so I followed the signs to a place called Copperhead Island. I had googled it previously to see whether it was worth a trip. It's mostly boat ramps but I was only looking for trees and water... so I figured I would see if I could squeeze a couple of pics from CI. Now, I was alone and weekdays are not busy days for parks so I was leery as I headed down a long, long road. If it felt unsafe when I got there, I'd just turn around. When I reached a dock/boat ramp area there was no one around. A truck with an empty boat trailer was the only other vehicle in the parking lot. Okay, a few quick pics and I'll be on my way home. I walked a short distance to the edge of the lake, grabbing a few leaf shots along the way.  Looked back towards the parking lot and noticed another car parked near the restrooms. I decided I had enough photos and the water wasn't pretty at all anyway so I started back up the hill to my car. 

Must find more parks nearby.

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monstev said...

Wow, on the photos! I was just looking back over images from the Metro Parks in Columbus. One of the draws was the colors these parks presented in the fall. Lovely. The parks are great for our connection with nature and offer us exercise. Let us know what other parks you discover.