Wednesday, November 13, 2019


I've decided to take a break from posting photos on Facebook, Instagram and Pbase for the remainder of November. I feel like I'm posting just for the sake of posting something. But I'll still be snapping and may or may not post something here. 

Would you still take photos if you couldn't show them to anyone?


monstev said...

In answer to your question, yes. I actually left the pbase group because I was posting images just to be posting. I can sometimes find myself doing that on my blog also. There needs to be a ballance and I'm working at finding that. I left facebook years ago, although I still have an account.

As I do carry my camera with me all the time, it has become a part of my lifestyle. I almost exclusively use my camera rather than my phone. Half the time it's around my neck and the other half in my backpack. It seems to be a tool to help me see the world around me, colors, shapes, lines, people, life, etc. It has a spiritual aspect to it for me.

Way to go. Now, I'm hungry for grapefruit.

Tom Dills said...

While I get a lot of enjoyment from sharing photos, I mostly take them for the purpose of personal expression. I've pretty much quit posting on Facebook except to keep my profile current, but still post my single-word photos on Instagram for fun. I figure that anyone who is truly interested is following my blog. All 20 or so of them! ;)

That grapefruit would make a great Paloma. :)