Monday, November 25, 2019

Size Doesn't Matter

Until it does.

I didn't realize the X-T3 is bigger than the X-T1. This morning I removed the tripod baseplate from the X-T1 and... oops! It doesn't fit the X-T3. New one on order from Really Right Stuff. 

And then there was fog:


Tom Dills said...

The cost of accessories is one of the downsides of buying a new camera, along with the possible incompatibility of software (if you are using an old version due to an aging computer), plus memory cards and hard drive space for those bigger files. You'll also find that, while the batteries from the X-T1 will work in the X-T3, you'll get a warning about the older ones having less power than the new ones and inducing the accompanying amount of angst.

monstev said...

Yes, one of the aspects of updating camera gear. Sometimes I wish for the older film camera, buy film then send it in to get developed. Done! Yet one of the perks to the digital world is the hands on after the shutter is pressed. I didn't realize the differences in the top plates of the cameras. For sure it would be a leaning curve to the upgrade but you will have fun with it!