Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Treat

When I was growing up (in upstate New York), there was a family reunion every summer. My mother's side of the family would gather at a nearby state park and everyone brought something for the meal. My mom had twelve brothers and sisters, so there were plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins in attendance. And it seems like there was always a new baby for everyone to oooh-and-aaaah over.

I remember the men would cook hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, the ladies would get the picnic tables ready and the kids - well, we ran all over the place. A swim in the lake was always delayed until after we had eaten.

There were salads, casseroles, pies and cakes. And watermelon.

Now I'm really hungry... and missing those days.


Ann Courtney said...

What wonderful memories to have.

Monte Stevens said...

Aren't those wonderful memories. Your post has brought up memories for me of similar family get togethers in the summer. Always the hamburgers and hotdogs and every once in a while the fried chicken feast. Along with the watermelons I remember the men hand cranking an old ice cream freezer. They would let the young ones take a turn or two before it started to freeze up. Now look what you did... I'm hungry.