Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out with the old

Northern Cardinal. I was concerned that the Cardinals' plumage seems less-than-healthy lately, but found this online: "Molting takes place in late summer after the breeding is over. Adult birds lose all their feathers gradually and new ones grow in before fall."

So... even one of the most striking birds at the feeder has to go through a period of re-feathering. Lucky for them they don't have mirrors. ;-)

Took lots of photos today and it feels good!

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Monte Stevens said...

Looks like one of those "bad feather days". the first time I saw a robin puff up his feathers for warmth on a cold February morning, I thought there was something wrong. But, I notice all of them were dong the same thing. Nature has it's ways.

And, yes pressing the shutter, looking for images, is damn good therapy for the soul.