Sunday, November 10, 2019

A lesson in camera choice

I would not have believed there would be such a marked difference between my phone's camera and my Fuji . As I wrote that I realized how simple-minded it sounds. (I'm being kind to myself) I thought of my phone's camera as adequate. And it's certainly convenient as my phone is almost always within my reach. 

With the time change, sunrise has to be the first thing after I get out of bed. The first photo was taken with my phone. A few minutes later I looked out of the window and yowsa! I grabbed my Fuji and headed outside. 

I hope I've learned my lesson.


monstev said...

I hardly ever use my phone camera. It's a way to take notes by snapping a photo while on the go. And, I have been one of those geeks who carries my camera everywhere. :-)

Tom Dills said...

If I don't have another camera with me I figure it's better to use the phone than lose the photo. I know a lot of people disagree, but the phone is still inferior to a "real" camera for those who know the difference. Kudos for getting up to catch the sunrises!

By the way, your Captcha verification process is pretty onerous...too many steps!