Sunday, March 11, 2012

Memories come flooding back

I now have in my possession, boxes and boxes of my father's 35mm slides. In this post not enough photos, I  lamented that I couldn't find old photos of Christmas mornings, vacations, etc. from my childhood. Well, I have them now. I've only gone through a few hundred slides (and scanned less than 20!) so far and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. I'm finding it difficult to stay in the present, with so many memories coming into sharp focus.

They haven't been stored in the best of conditions, so humidity, heat and age have left their mark on many of them. But I'm having a great time... I just need to slow down a little. :)

Here we are in front of our vacation cottage at the New Jersey shore. My older sister (center) died at age twenty-four, so this is a rare photo of the three of us. I hope to find many more in the remaining boxes.


Monte Stevens said...

I now have a smile from this post and the images. My father has thrown away a bunch of slides because he felt they were not good. That's a bit sad for me but what can I do. Glad you now have this photo of your sister. Those are cool shades you have on!

Brent said...

I dig that image and the travel back in time. You'll have to setup a gallery online for all the images (or the ones you feel comfortable sharing) so we can all see 'em!