Thursday, March 01, 2012

It must be Spring

Tulips and ladybugs... well, one ladybug at least. I was feeling as though I had done too many tulip shots, though I never tire of finding a new view of their graceful curves. Then this ladybug went walking across my window (inside). Not one to touch bugs, I encouraged it into a cup and then into the interior of a tulip. It cowered down at the very base, half-hidden beneath the stamen. I took a few shots of that spotted shell, barely visible. And then it began to climb up along the petals. As I began shooting again, flash firing, it turned and headed back down to safety. I figured this was the best shot I was going to get and so I set it free outdoors. Ahhhh, Spring... and the tales the ladybugs tell. 

1 comment:

Monte Stevens said...

This is a soft delicate and happy image, Faye! wonder what those tales are. Hope all is well at your place after all the rain and storms you've had over the past couple of days.