Sunday, September 04, 2011


While waiting for the rains from tropical storm Lee to arrive, I figured it would be a good day to clean out the last closet. Unfortunately, they all eventually get back to the state where they need another cleaning, but this one would bring them all to a state of relative orderliness. 

I never imagined how much stuff was crammed in there. There were clothes (four large bags ready to go to Goodwill this week), computers, computer bags, briefcases, books (programming guides), cables, cords, and financial records/papers from 1996. Good grief - what a mess!

However, I also found this robe... which I will not be giving away. 

And it's still not raining..

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Monte Stevens said...

I was appaulled at all the stuff I kept in storage after 4 years. And like you, and so many others, I will most likely replace the items I purged with other items I will eventually purge. :-) Enjoy you day!!