Thursday, September 15, 2011

Peace and Love

I'm feeling overwhelmed lately by haters. They're everywhere. Even close to home - which makes me especially sad. Apparently, it's easy to hate something or someone. Most people's hate is directed toward a group or an idea or some inanimate object. It's not as common to hear someone say "I hate so-and-so". I take that back... in politics, the leaders are often the target of hatred, but more for what they represent than who they are as a person.

Hate is everywhere in the news, it's everywhere in social networking and it's so contagious. 'That tv show/driver/speech/store clerk pissed me off, so I'm going to tweet about it or post on Facebook.' It has crossed my mind that happy, well-adjusted people are not online. 

I did not watch the Tea Party debate on Monday, but I have seen video clips from it and when Ron Paul was being asked about a hypothetical person in a coma, but without health insurance (his choice) and the moderator asked "would you let him die?" There came shouts from the audience "Yeah!" "Let him die!" 

But I also saw the video of people rushing in to rescue a motorcyclist who was under a burning car. They lifted the car and pulled the injured man from underneath the vehicle.

It frightens me that I may know more people who would let someone die rather than risk their safety to help a stranger. I hold out hope that the hater's words come from ignorance and bravado and mob mentality and if faced with a split-second decision to help , they would do the right thing.


Lee Rudd said...

sadly, online gives people a barrier that allows them to "hide" behind and say whatever they think, without the moral pressure from society to not say what they are thinking.

Now, this attitude "I can say WTF I like" is now transferring into Real Life... whatever that may be.

However, small episodes such as the man trapped under the car, help restore my faith in humankind... if only partly

Faye White said...

You make a good point, Lee. People have become emboldened by the relative anonymity of the internet and now believe they can get away with poor behavior in "real life" as well.

Monte Stevens said...

I see the hatred also and is one of the main reasons I have several "friends" on FB hidden. It is unfortunate that our egos can raise it ugly head once in a while and go into attack mode. The painful and dangerous aspect of our differences comes when we wish to impose our ideas and thoughts on others. My father and I just had an agreement this past week. When name calling and tone of voice changed it knew it was time to withdraw. Unfortunately there was no acceptance of views. At this point in my life there are many questions that have cloudy answers. And, our response may be different it that person in the coma is a special person in our lives such as a child or spouse or parent.

I was glad to see the clip of the man rescued from the burning car. I wonder if he survived.

Again I like your image. It tells a powerful message and oh that red color. Glad it was not just one finder.


Ann Courtney said...

I know that this is going to sound very "twee" and old fashioned but there IS a lot to be said for, If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Perhaps a few more people should think on that....words do hurt.

Faye White said...

I agree, Ann. Words do hurt... I think we can all find a way to express our opinions without being mean. But I was really talking about haters. People who would sit or walk by someone in desperate need of help and not give a second thought. As Monte has done, I am making efforts to keep those people out of my immediate world, but they're still out there.