Saturday, November 13, 2010

Please save us from ourselves

When will people stop expecting the government to run their lives for them, especially when it comes to eating healthy foods? The voters in San Francisco voted to keep toys out of fast food kids' meals... unless or until the kids' meals are healthy. When I first heard this, I thought it was absurd, but I considered the craziness of San Francisco. 

The mayor of San Francisco announced recently that he will veto this Happy Meal ban. "Parents, not politicians, should decide what their children eat, especially when it comes to spending their own money. Despite its good intentions, I cannot support this unwise and unprecedented governmental intrusion into parental responsibilities and private choices.", said Mayor Newsome. 

Exactly. And the same thing applies to too much tv watching, violent video games and anything else that you, the parent, believe is harming your children. If you expect the government to do the parenting, your kids will grow up thinking that if it's for sale, it's good for them and if it's on tv (or the internet), it must be true.

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Brent said...

Strong critique, Faye!