Friday, November 19, 2021

I am embarrassed

It was 3:45am, I had my camera ready to go. I live on the 5th floor, so I had to take the elevator to the parking lot. (the moon wasn't visible from my balcony) So, I took several shots, none of which looked great. Thought to myself "I need the Nikon with the 80-400mm lens." Went back upstairs, got the Nikon from the top shelf of my closet, found the lens in the box where I had stored it, put a fresh battery in the camera because it was dead, headed back to the elevator. The Nikon did worse than the Fuji. What I DID NOT DO was take a tripod with me. I have taken many eclipse photos in the past, with pretty good success. But never, NEVER without a tripod. I don't know if I was so preoccupied with the trip outside or what but the tripod never crossed my mind. I should probably attribute my lapse to senior-itis... Basta!


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monstev said...

I can do that easily. Did a couple days ago when looking for my glasses that were sitting in my lap. 😂Early Alzheimer's? CRS? Senioritis? Slowly comes on.