Sunday, February 21, 2021


For some reason, the expiration of my passport popped into my head late last night. I have no current plans for international travel so I don't know why it came to me. Sure enough, I checked this morning and it expires in three days. Like I said, I have no plans to leave the country but not having a valid passport freaks me out. 

I didn't have one until 1991 when a recruiter contacted me about a job (4 months only) in Caracas, Venezuela. It required lots of fedexing papers back and forth (which the client handled for me) and on January 1, 1992 I found myself on my way to an adventure in Caracas. To this day, I refuse to travel to South America again.

Meanwhile, this is from 2006:

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monstev said...

Mine's expired also. I quit flying in 2014 and have traveled little except by car. Traveling internationally has not interested me in years.