Monday, December 28, 2020

Once More


Went out to the balcony, no coat, temps at 32 degrees, to get this sunrise. Several times. The sky was more orange than this and I could not capture what my eyes saw. I've mentioned this before, I think. I tried my phone camera and the Fuji. I'm now convinced there is something going on with my eyes. I've had cataract surgery on both eyes... could the lenses refract the light differently? I'm serious. 

Anyway, it was a beauty.

Apparently, it is a possibility:

Color discrimination is a subjective phenomenon. Many patients experience a change in color awareness following cataract surgery with any IOL;

Here is another example. This poinsettia appears orangeish to me yet the camera captured a more pinkish color.


Tom Dills said...

Interesting. I've heard of colors being "off" before cataract surgery but not after. Any chance it is just the white balance in camera? The sunrise photo looks overly purpleish to me but the poinsettias look about right to me on my computer.

monstev said...

I see color differences in camera lenses and the aperture I use. I also shoot in RAW almost all of the time. Your Fujifilm has and option to shoot a one image and create three different jpg files with any film simulation you choose. I'd keep playing with it and all else fails read the manual again. I know that's not all that much fun. I had to do it this morning. 😁