Saturday, July 09, 2016

Saturday Morning

I'm having my coffee outside. The humidity isn't too awful this morning. The patio lights have come on as the sun rises through the trees, the sensor flips them on and off. There is a feral cat with two kittens roaming around the yard. They're getting braver by the minute... coming closer to check me out.

Something ate my sole ripe blackberry. I had noticed it but didn't pick it myself. Maybe I was waiting for a few more to ripen. A handful would be nice.

I have lots to do outdoors today, before it gets to a thousand degrees so I'd better finish my coffee and get started.

Oh... I had chosen a sofobomo theme but have decided to be less maudlin. Do over.

1 comment:

monstev said...

Now that is a good start to a morning. Hope you survived the thousand degrees along with the humidity. Hope you enjoyed your day.