Monday, September 09, 2013


I worked my way out of my funk. I reminded myself of all that I am grateful for; mostly my health.
But sadness isn't a choice. "Why are you sad?" I don't know.
"What would make you un-sad?" I don't know that either.

Recently, someone told me I was too sensitive. Their exact words: "You're too fkin sensitive"
I suppose I am guilty. But I think that is the artist in me. 
I would not (could not) choose to be insensitive. Or even less so. 
Do I sometimes fret over small things? Things that I cannot control?
Yes. And that, I must try to change.

There was sad news yesterday, though. One of my uncles passed away.  2013 has been full of sadness.

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Monte Stevens said...

Sorry to hear of another loss in your life. It has been a year of "sadness" for you and your family.

Our world needs more sensitive people, creative people,, caring people. So, I'm thankful for your presence in this world and all the gifts you offer this world. I think I will always fret but I'm willing to learn how to acknowledge them then let go of them and not enlarge them. Some frets are only in my mind. Hope you have a great day and the rest of the week. Hugs!