Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Journey of Thursday Morning

"Goodbye, My Love"

Thursday morning began around three a.m. when Sofia decided it was time for me to be awake. She walked across my head. She poked at me gently with her big, fluffy paw. She rubbed her chin on the under side of the bed... which doesn't sound irritating, but the sound seems to reverberate through the bed like nails on a blackboard. I refused to get out of bed until the usual five a.m. feeding time but there was little sleep being had for those two hours.

Later, at my desk, I decided to begin thinking about my 2014 calendar. I looked back at previous years for inspiration and perhaps re-using a few images. I came across the image above and fell for it all over again. That happens quite a lot... I have so many photos that I forget that I was as in love with a photo in 2006 as I am with some more recent images. 

At first, I thought that I had titled this "Last Dance", but when I found it on Pbase the title was "Goodbye, My Love". It seemed fitting for today as my uncle's funeral is this afternoon, in upstate New York.

Here is a photo of my aunt and uncle, taken when they were first married. 


Jolted back to the present by spotting a coyote standing in my driveway.

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Monte Stevens said...

First of all I love the image of the flower and can see why you fell in love with it again. I've journaled for years and feel it is beneficial to read back over those writings every so often. It helps us jog the memory of past events, lessons. And, it's good for us to remember why we fell in love with someone or something.

Sorry for such a late comment but I've just not been online much. Have a super day and hope Sofia can find another way to wake you. :-)