Sunday, February 03, 2013

On the mend?

This is Tux, one of the feral cats that I feed and water twice daily. A few days ago, I noticed that he had some sort of injury to his right, back leg. I couldn't see any obvious injury and the leg didn't appear to be swollen. He has been eating and drinking every day... hobbling to the bowls on three legs (sometimes running). These cats won't let me get close enough to touch them, so helping him presents a dilemma. I could try to trap him, but the odds of getting him instead of six other ferals, three-or-more ferals that come around after my seven have finished eating and the raccoon and possums that I have inadvertently trapped in the past... is slim.

This morning, as he hobbled up the driveway, I noticed that he is tentatively putting his weight on the injured leg... so I am hopeful for his recovery.

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Monte Stevens said...

The world needs more animal lovers like you. Hope you have a good day.