Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The latch on the door of the garden shed had rusted and fallen off, so I bought another at the hardware store and set out today to make the repair. There is nothing of value stored inside the shed... an old riding lawn mower that will never cut grass again and a few ladders, etc... but I wanted it locked nonetheless. 

I get satisfaction from fixing things, but I am not proficient at all. If a true craftsman looked over my work, I wouldn't get a passing grade. And I would ask said craftsman where he was when I needed him. But the door is now locked and I can put my power tools away until the next broken thing shows its face.

I didn't replace the entire latch because... well, it still works and a little rust is quite photogenic. :)

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Monte Stevens said...

Well done, pretty lady. You do seem to be quite handy. And, I agree about rusty things being photogenic. Have a super day!