Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Creative Endeavors

As I was floating in the pool this morning, I wondered if you are a writer because you write or because you are read? If you wrote every day (non-journal) and no one ever read it, would you consider yourself a writer? The same question goes for photography (and every creative process, I think)... if you could never show your photos to anyone, would you still make them?

Is the 'creation' complete when the artist puts down the pen/camera/brush? Or is it only finished when it has been published/printed/displayed?

These questions are not for the purpose of labeling oneself, as in "I am a *fill-in-the-blank*" I'm strictly referring to the process of creating some thing. Some thing that did not exist before you had the idea and made some thing that expressed that idea.


Monte Stevens said...

IMHO, yes, you are an artist if no one sees your work. Being an optimist I feel that somehow the work will be seen. Love this question and glad you shared it. Now I will have to dwell on this and maybe journal about it. As for journaling, I find I must go back over them and read them for many reasons. They are one way for me to learn about myself.

Faye White said...

Monte, I think journaling is very important and healthy! When I specified non-journal writing, I was thinking of writing with the intention of publishing versus the privacy of a daily journal. Does that make any sense? lol

Brent said...

You're a writer EVEN IF you're not read. You still wrote. You're a painter even if you sell nothing. You still painted.

But are you a singer if you never leave the shower? :D