Thursday, December 01, 2011


As this day approached, I tried to decide how to get through it... everything from treating it like any other day to staying in bed, hiding under the covers.

I thought about going to lunch or dinner at a place that we used to enjoy. I have learned that revisiting places alone is not a good idea. I knew that hiding wasn't the answer either. It's been three years and yesterday was almost as difficult as I expected today to be. When you look back at the worst day of your life and then to the day before - before you knew what was coming, it's frightening. It brings home the fact that life can turn on a dime. The life you've chosen, the plans you have made can all be thrown out of the window in less than twenty four hours.

So, I am doing some cleaning today; something productive and something to keep the mind busy. And I have found things I thought were lost and things that I've kept for no apparent reason.

The photo above was taken the day before.


Monte Stevens said...

I admire how you can freely express your feelings. Some people keep it all inside and fail to move onward. Keeping busy is always good, therapeutic in its own way. Healing always takes more time than we want and includes recurring hurts. The memories.

Oh, those plans. I would expect few people are where they had planned or dreamed.

I hope you have a good day at cleaning. And, watch those nails. Praying!

Faye White said...

Thank you, Monte. :)

Lee Rudd said...

Faye, some memories never fade, and nor should they. Take care!

Faye White said...

Thank you, Lee

angie said...

hard to believe he is gone......sad