Saturday, December 24, 2011

One thing leads to another...

This morning I went hunting a particular photo from... one year ago? Two? This happens often; I go looking for one thing and find something else. What I found today stopped me in my tracks. Words left as a comment on one of my galleries from someone who, before that year was out, would walk away from her home - never to be seen again. She had battled depression for a long time and finally one day, she could fight no more.

Donné, thank you for these words:

"I do not know you - but the beauty and sadness I saw in your words and photographs made my soul ache. Am I glad Kees Terberg (my internet friend, an outstanding talent with a golden heart) led me to your blog? I have to say yes. 
Why? To know that my heart can share your grief, your honesty, your courage proves that I too am like you. Be proud, unkown friend, for your ability to touch people with a click of a shutter and the ink of a pen. Actually....... I do know you."


Ann Courtney said...

This sent a shiver down my spine. There but for........ I think we can all say that, but maybe not out loud.

Merry Christmas Faye.

Monte Stevens said...

Goose bumps for me. I'm glad you are able to touch people through your words and images as you've done that for me. Merry Christmas, my friend!