Monday, March 22, 2010

Augustine and Abigirl

I was going through some papers left over from my trip to South Africa and I came across the address and email of Augustine Sibanda who lives in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. A group of about six of us on the tour visited Augustine's home for a traditional dinner one evening. His wife, Abigirl, and her sister prepared a typical African meal for us. After we finished eating, we were able to ask questions about their life. Augustine is a 6th grade teacher; they have two children (a boy and a girl). Hosting dinners for tour groups also supplements their income.

Augustine told us that malaria is the biggest health threat for them. He also told us how to tell if a mosquito is carrying malaria... if the mosquito sits slanted on a wall, it is a carrier.

They do not own a car or a bike. Things had been very hard for them, especially when the Zimbabwean economy collapsed. I hope they are well.

A couple of months after I got back home, I received this email from Augustine:

"it seems awful long time since you left.Sometimes we do not quite understand or realise the impcat on our lives visitors make.We really feel proud,honored and priveledged to have hosted you at our small place ,we really enjoyed every minute of that memorable evening .It i was a special evening for us all.We can't thank you enough.We hope you enjoyed your entire holiday.


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