Sunday, August 24, 2008


... the times of our lives are not kodak moments.

In "Beauty in Photography", Adams discusses photographing evil; capturing the atrocities of war, the inhumane conditions that millions exist in every day, the desecration of our planet's wildlife population and on and on the list goes. There's no shortage of evil and hatred to be caught by the camera's lens. NG's David Griffin touched on it in his speech "How photography connects us to the world". The evil must be documented, history has shown us that. But how to do it? How does one maintain photographic and artistic integrity while shooting the worst side of humanity? There are those who do and do it well... they show us the worst while also giving us hope, because now that we are informed, how can we turn our eyes away?

We also need to capture beauty.... the sunrises, the children's faces, the mountain tops, the lion's pride, the joy of life.

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