Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tis still the season?

Someone in the building across from mine is apparently refusing to let Christmas go. Got a new lens today, the 70-300, took a few pics from my balcony. Seems pretty decent.

In this crop, my building is reflected in the gold ornament.


Tom Dills said...

Ordinarily we might speculate that maybe they left for the Caribbean immediately after Christmas. This year, probably not. Maybe they just knew you would need a practice target for that new lens. :)

Monte & I have debated that new lens. We both say we want it but can't agree on who is going to buy it first! Maybe I can spend some of my Biden Bucks on it.

monstev said...

Not sure the reason for the trip still up. We have a guy with his tree in the back of his truck. It's already brown and the needles are falling off.

As Tom mentioned the new Fujifilm XF70-300mm is on my list right now. As we know, any new lens will make us a better photographer. See!