Sunday, June 07, 2020

Moving On

A year ago I had a sales contract on my house and I was starting the daunting task of packing everything and moving within six weeks. My son made three trips with a U-Haul truck before it was all said and done. And there were multiple visits from the Junk King. 

Anyway, I'm in North Carolina now, in a beautiful apartment and I'm very happy. Well, as happy as one can be with threat of Covid-19 and police brutality protests. If I had good knees I'd be out there marching as well. Things must change!!!

Restrictions have eased some and it's now possible to go out and run errands - with a mask and practicing social distancing. 

I made a trip to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden last weekend. It was open for members only and not everything was open, but it was good to get out.

And... the puzzles continue.
Stay safe and healthy, everybody.


Tom Dills said...

Things change quickly and hopefully for the better. It sounds like unloading the house and moving closer to family was a good move for you. DSBG is a place I've only been to once but intend to get back to. Like you, I am encouraged by the easing of some restrictions and hope things continue to improve. Regarding the protests, I agree that things need to change, but fear that until the people in charge are held accountable, these demonstrations will only provide entertainment for the masses and actually accomplish little. I am always an optimist but optimism can be tough to come by these days! Hang in there!

monstev said...

I think I may need to buy a puzzle. I've always enjoyed them. Three trips? That young man sounds like a keeper! Any move is difficult and even more so when downsizing and from a house you've been in for some time. It sounds like you are adjusting to the move and to the COVID easing of the restrictions. Love botanical gardens, especially if I have a cmaera! I made my first visit to a sit down breakfast with my daughter.