Friday, August 25, 2017

The Solar Eclipse

I did not have the eclipse safety glasses. For someone who usually plans and plans and plans, this was bizarre. My excuse was that I thought my backup was some AstroSolar film I had purchased years ago to make a solar filter for my telescope. I still have that filter, I sold the telescope. 

Anyway, the fine print: The film is only good for cameras, telescopes, binoculars... not naked eyes. By the time I read the fine print, the chance of finding the glasses anywhere was nil.. 

So, I made a filter for my camera and ONLY looked at  the LCD in order to find the moon/sun. 

It is what it is...

The crescent-shaped shadows surprised me. At first I wondered if they were always like that and I never noticed. They were everywhere... so surreal. 


monstev said...

Well, I didn't even try to get an image. However, I was on my porch writing when the change in the light began. You used the correct word to describe the effect, "surreal." I was also amazed by the crescent shapes of the sun and shadows. Hugs!

Anonymous said...
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