Monday, October 10, 2016

Had to get out

I was so aggravated by the posts on social media this morning, I had to get out of the house. Shutting down the computer wasn't enough. So I went to the park. I was hoping to find a little color, since it's still too early for most of the trees. I found a few spots and of course, reflected sky is always calming.

And when I got home, I had received my copy of Vivian Howard's new cookbook. I don't buy cookbooks anymore. I used to, but in a cleaning frenzy, I donated all but one or two. (I wasn't using them; it's too easy to find recipes on Pinterest, etc.) But I've watched Vivian's show on PBS and I'm a big fan. :)


monstev said...

I know the feeling about our social media and my response to it. Even though feelings of anger, frustration, and fear come from within, those feelings are stimulated from external sources. I struggle with my response with external sources. So, I turn off the computer also and go for walks. Walks are meditation and a challenge to not take those feelings with me. :-) I like how you take care of yourself!

Tom Dills said...

I'm with you on the social media thing. The people who are doing all the blabbing are convinced that they're right and that its their duty to convince the rest of us. I wish they'd all just shut up! I've eaten at Vivian's restaurant in Kinston a few times but she's not been there when we were. I've only watched one episode of the show before I decided I liked her cooking better. Her story is an interesting one, though. And I'll bet she sells a lot of those books!

hitaakademi said...
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UplayOnline said...

I like how you take care of yourself!

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