Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Get-Away, Gotten

I've been waiting to post on my week in the Outer Banks until my feelings settled down and I could think past the obvious fun, food, and photos... but I think my feelings were stronger on the drive home and now the everyday chores and routine are causing them to fade into the background.

The strongest feeling I had during the drive home was a realization of why I dreaded returning home from prior vacations. Back then, I was heading back to feeling inadequate, incompetent and not good enough. I hate saying that and I'm not laying blame; I'm just saying that for most of my adult life I've tried to please and have not been terribly happy as a result.

So... I needed to get away and I succeeded. I feel refreshed and contented. 

1 comment:

Monte Stevens said...

A growth for you. Maybe some healing. And if so it was a good get away.