Thursday, June 05, 2014

Warm Enough Already

Spring has turned summery, as it usually does in the South. I will miss the cool mornings with the house windows open and the fresh air clearing out the stuffiness; sleeping with the windows open (once the pollen season ended) was delightful. Fresh air induces sound sleep, for me at least. 

Well, except for the night I had just gotten into bed and heard a screeching noise outside. My first thought was that it was a cat fight but it didn't really sound like a cat. Went out onto the deck with a flash light but didn't see anything but a raccoon. The next morning I didn't find any evidence of a fight (no carcasses) so whatever happened wasn't lethal.

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Monte Stevens said...

Yes, nothing better than a cool breeze thrown open window to bring on a good night's sleep. Lovely image, Faye.