Saturday, March 01, 2014

Every which way

Some days I feel like this tangled web of vines. I start out with a plan and by the time I second/third/fourth guess myself, I'm wondering what the original idea was. And when did I stop having faith in my ideas? Is it part of getting older/wiser (too many plans gone awry over the years) or becoming a widow (no longer having someone to catch me if I fall) that has robbed me of my impetuousness? Too much impulsiveness is bad, but creativity requires some - at least. 

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Monte Stevens said...

First of all I like this image. Secondly, I do not have answers to your questions. I'm looking at my own questions and answers. :-)

I find my mind dragging me off to some far off place preventing me from accomplishing any tasks I may have on a list, if I even make a list.Age is teaching me to flow with it more, sometimes enjoying the detour my mind took and to heck with any list. Moving from a structured routine and being more impulsive has been fun and very creative for this engineer.