Saturday, August 31, 2013

What lies beneath


Beneath Baby is a long ago project that did not survive weather and forest. Many (many!) years ago, I put a mosaic design on this bench. It was simple flowers done in square tiles - readily available in a variety colors... but I chose a limited palette. I don't know if I failed to seal it properly or if I didn't use 'outdoor' grout, but over the years, the tiles began coming loose. Then, a tree fell on it and knocked most of the remaining tiles loose. I look at it often and I used to tell myself that I would repair it... replace the tiles (which are, thanks to the cats methinks) spread all over the back yard. 

More recently however, I think I'll just try to prevent any further deterioration. And it will be forever know as "Faye's Unfinished Mosaic". You know... like Gaudi, except I won't (hopefully) get run over by a bus. :)

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MOnte Stevens said...

Sounds like a plan. And, it's your bench so do as you want. Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll make it a fun project.