Sunday, December 16, 2012

No words

Christmas 2002

The tragedy that took place in Newtown on Friday is so horrific that words fail me. If I would try to express my sadness, my broken heart would not allow it. There can be no answer to 'why'. No matter what forces brought those souls together, there can be no reason... nothing can explain the evil. 

We, as a country, will show what we are made of now. Maybe there aren't enough people who want to change our culture and we will continue to reap what we sow. And the next time, we will be saddened and heartbroken and we will wonder how this could happen again. We need only to look inside ourselves for the answer. Because we allow it.

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Monte Stevens said...

Broken heart is a great description for so many people. I relate. I feel all the legislation and debate we will hear about or be a part of, will not stop such events. As you say, it will only change if changes are made within us.I think that may be our biggest issue because we want others to change rather than change ourselves. The statement "I must" will change the world where "you need" to change will not. I pray for all our broken hearts. Hugs, my friend!