Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Leaf Peeping

I spent a few days visiting my family in North Carolina and took a drive to catch some autumn color. It was a perfect weekend - coolish temperatures, blue skies and lots of reds, yellows and golds. This shot was taken at a lake (could not find the name of the lake) at Crowder Mountain. The leaves here at home are just beginning to turn, so there may be more leafy photos to come. :)

Here is a wider view of the lakeside:


Tom Dills said...

The first photo is definitely "you" and I like the perspective. There are several lakes at Crowder's but I'm not familiar enough with the park to tell which one that is.

Give a shout next time you are headed this way. It would be fun to meet up, maybe get Paul Lester to come along.

Monte Stevens said...

Glad you were able to get away and visit family. There are a few who consider nature to be part of the family, so if that's the case then you saw a lot of family. Love the colors and that one single leaf that hangs there sure does draw my attention.

Brent said...

The color is turning quick here in Flagstaff. They were pretty for a moment. And they were bold as anything I've ever seen. No wonder they're burning bright and burning out. They've expended all their energy.