Saturday, January 29, 2011

cupcake wars

I had such high hopes for today. Well, I had plans anyway. I did manage to get the car washed and the oil changed. Funny thing... being a woman and going to get the services normally handled by the menfolk, I am always aware that 1) the men running these places are sure that I haven't a clue about anything automotive or home-repair-ish and 2) I am therefore gullible and ripe for being sold goods and services that I do not really need. So, at today's oil change, the service technician brought two pieces of paper to me, each with a puddle of oil. The first was the differential fluid and apparently it needs be changed, but it will probably be okay for another year. The second oil sample was from the engine and it seems that I will need "an engine oil flush" soon because there is a lot of sludge (?) in the oil. I said that I'd keep that in mind, but just the oil change today, thanks. A few minutes later, he brought oil samples to another woman who was also getting an oil change. She signed up for the engine flush... I never saw any samples being shown to any of the male customers, although there were several in the audience.

So, home I went in my clean car with new oil. There I attempted to get the garden fountain flowing again. I cleaned out all of the dirty water, refilled the basin, although I never could get much water pressure out of the hose (another winter casualty). Flipped the switch for the pump - nothing. So I sat in the sun for a while and enjoyed the warmth.

I guess the universe would prefer if I stuck to baking cupcakes and if I could, I would!


Monte Stevens said...

A most peasant read this afternoon, thank you! Yes, we do have to be wary of those who try and sell us more. It is frustrating to me! I also like your choice to sit in the sun, my friend. That could have been your best decision of the day. :-) Oh, and I love cupcakes!

Brent said...

Yeah, my dad was not handy. He knows very little about automotive issues. I know just about as much as him, which is pretty much nothing. Whenever they upsell me, I politely decline. And the moment I leave, I'm on the phone with people who are smarter: WTF should I do? Hahaha. You're not alone, Faye. At least you have that whole "woman" thing to fall back on. I'm a man here. Or so people tell me. And I should know such matters.