Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Cleaned my desktop today.... I am a note/post-it freak. I had notes left over from the middle of last year! So things are much tidier now, only two notes remain - one re: the operating hours of the High Museum and one reminder to make an appointment for Beau to go to the vet's office.

Photography-wise.... trying to find a new/fresh subject each day is hardddddd. I'm on my 5th photo-a-day year and trying to remember "Have I shot this before?" is nearly futile. Trees, cats, flowers (oh yesss, every trip to the food store results in dragging home more flowers and-you-know-how-I-love-photographing-flowers!), moi (thankfully I don't do more than one of those a week!), etc. .... now where is that amaryllis plant?

Need to write a new note - make hotel reservations for the Festival of the Photograph.

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