Saturday, May 19, 2007

photo sharing sites & photo talk forums

There are numerous sites where you can share your photos and discuss them with other photographers. The number of pics in cyberspace boggles the mind!

Pbase is the biggest photo hosting site. I joined in 2001 (it was free then!) because I wanted to post a photo in the Sony DPReview forum challenge. This is the photo, taken in the Mediterranean:

Phew! Lots of relationships have come out of those two sites. I still spend too much time on pbase, although I need to shift my neighborhood..... I seem to have gotten sucked into a negative energy vortex! ack!! I rarely go near DPReview anymore, too caustic and too much talk about equipment. I am investigating other photo hosting sites at the moment.....

Shutterfreaks was started by a few people from a DPReview forum and it is probably the most friendly forum that I am still a member of, with a very high quality of work being displayed too.

B&W Photography Forum - discovered them recently and I don't know what holds them together. They don't seem to have similar tastes or talent, the forum is weak in form... very odd.

Digital Photography Challenge - strictly contests, though they've added a forum recently. You'd better be a top notch photoshop guru before you post anything there!

Fred Miranda - the forum with the highest (IMO) quality work on the net. Go there to look and learn!
Open Photography Forums - the owner is a little too involved .....

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